School Book orders

booksOne of my most favorite memories is coming home from school so excited about the new book order and begging my parents to let me order some new books! A few days ago my oldest brought home the first book order of the new school year. Needless to say my daughter and I are equally excited to pour over the pages as she circles the books she likes. Not only as a mother but as a writer and history student I am a huge promoter of the Scholastic book order. What a phenomenal way to get our kiddos excited about reading! A few things that are new this year that I liked:

* Every month there is a new featured book; if 5 students order the same book the class gets a copy of the book along with stickers and class activities.

* The book order fits budget’s of every size; every month there is a new $1.00 book and every flier holds over 35 books that are under $5.00.

*Each flier holds a wide array of books for every interest your child could have.

* In addition to books each flier has learning games and interactive activities.

* In case this wasn’t enough the scholastic website is an easy way to order your books found in the flier and so many more books and games.

A great way to get your youngsters involved and excited about books is through this book order. Sit down with them and let them circle books they like. Use the books in this flier as a reward for chores through a chore chart system. Scholastic sells 3 $5.00 book coupons for only $10.00 as a book allowance. This allows for a fantastic option to reward for a job well done!

Another way to save money on book orders is through the Kellogg’s family rewards program. For any Kellogg’s marked food item you buy you earn reward’s codes for books through Scholastic, coupons and trip incentives. Walmart has three packs of Kellogg’s cereal for $5.00. When you buy this three pack on the box is a $5.00 coupon for your book order. You can redeem up to three coupons at once and to be honest $15.00 towards your monthly book order can really stock up your home library for very little.

Until next time happy reading!


2 thoughts on “School Book orders

  1. I remember these as well from when I was in school. Such decisions over which books to get–and then, when the big box of books would arrive in the classroom and the teacher would pass out everyone’s books–pure heaven! Thanks for the walk down memory lane!

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